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Rubber Extruded Profile
A Rubber Extruded Profile, designed for commercial and industrial application, features a durable material blend, varying sizes, and a 24 months warranty. Its industrial-grade hardness guarantees robust performance, while the sleek black color offers a professional aesthetic ideal for a number of applications.
Rubber Profile
A rubber profile, made up of natural rubber, comes in black and blue hues, offering versatility. Its distinguishing feature lies in its hardness, offering durability and resilience for different applications. With natural rubber's inherent properties, it guarantees super elasticity, weather resistance, and longevity, perfect for various industrial and commercial requirements.
EPDM Rubber Profile
An EPDM rubber profile, designed for industrial usage, features a soft texture and sleek black color. Made up of durable rubber, it offers outstanding weather and UV resistance, guarnteeing long-lasting performance. With a warranty, it offers reliability and peace of mind, making it suitable for different sealing and insulation applications.

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